Today, Pharmacist's Supplying Cooperative of Attica (PRO.SY.F.A.P.E.) is the biggest and the most contemporary, dynamically developing, Group of companies in the Greek wholesaling market of pharmaceutical and para pharmaceutical products, focusing on innovative ideas to the future needs of pharmacies supplying chain and services.

The inspired entrepreneurial initiative of a small group of visionary pharmacists was the vehicle to a blazing trail of a 30 year consistently successful course, which many more pharmacists' embraced and jointed forces, by believing and entrusting their Cooperative on a daily bases.

Thus, on 7th February 1981, the first Cooperative of Attica Pharmacists' was founded and within a decade of hard and laborious efforts, it solidifies its position in the Greek market.

1995, was a milestone in its history, since it signaled the beginning of new investments towards the strategic development of PRO.SY.F.A.P.E. During this year, its first subsidiary company, SYN.FA. S.A., was founded in Alimos, Attica, and the first automated order picking system in Greece was installed.

In the years that follow, from 1998 to 1999, PRO.SY.F.A.P.E. upgraded its infrastructures. Its new, modern, privately-owned facilities were established in Peristeri, Attica, while further improvement and expansion of its IT system and automation picking system was accomplished. In the mean time, the on-line system inauguration, gave the opportunity to the pharmacists community for a B2B collaboration.

Dynamically soldering the pharmacists needs, in 2001, it established its second subsidiary company, outside Attica, in Corfu island (SYN.FA. KERKYRAS S.A.) and headlong continued the ascendant course of intensification of its centres of distribution, with the foundation of its third affiliated company in Lamia (SYN.FA. STEREAS ELLADOS S.A.) in 2006.

Triggered by the confidence of pharmacist-shareholders, in 2002, in recognition of the offered qualitative services, PRO.SY.F.A.P.E. certified the total of its Group of companies in ISO 9001:2008 and in the Ministerial Decision referring on the equitable distribution of medical devices. The certification acknowledgement was issued from the international known institution TÜV AUSTRIA.

Aiming at continuing to be the first choice of the customer - pharmacist, in 2008 expanded its distribution center, in the premises of Alimos, and upgraded its automation picking system, while, at the same time, introduced an RF picking system in the manually-operated order picking. In 2010, the RF manually picking system, was operating fully in all its Group of companies.

In late 2014, monitoring developments and recognizing opportunities, expands its infrastructure by establishing a subsidiary in Ioannina (SYN.FA EPIROUS S.A), the fourth in a row.

PRO.SY.F.A.P.E. group of companies respecting the support and collaboration of its member-shareholders, continues more decisively, than ever, the path which was engraved by its founders. We lead the developments with collective efforts, responsibility, dedication and excess zeal, values and philosophy that are indicative of our credibility through time.